In 2016, with the help of acquired skills and knowledge, we launched a conceptually new approach in fashion – a series of measures aimed at providing 360 degree support to brands across all aspects of communication, marketing, social media, and sales with an international implementation strategy, in order to increase sales and decrease returns.
FGG has offered consulting opportunities for implementation and adaptation of brands in new markets.

All types of detailed research concerning sales strategy.

Market study and Rivals research.

Development and realization of implementation, sales, marketing, and product-positioning strategies.

Recommendations on trends and relevance of products in relation to the interested markets.

Determination of immediate and long-term purposes for the brand.

IT consulting: Rebranding of existing IT-fashion products and Sales optimization through development.

Creative & Production

We have put together a global team of marketing technology and production experts. We believe in adding value every time we create, manage or produce. Working in creative production and marketing technology, we have built an enviable list of clients that have given us an experience. With offices in New York and Europe offer a unique host of global benefits:

  • Local expertise with cultural empathy
  • Global project management
  • Photo & Video production

We provide 360 degree support to brands across all aspects of communication, marketing, social media, and sales with an international 6-months implementation strategy.
  • Individual fashion corners in New York, Paris and Hong Kong.
  • Effective B2B and B2C sales.
  • PR & Marketing solutions.
  • Social media support.
  • Image building.
  • Event Management: Holding an event or Participating.

Plus Size
Plus Size

Plus size industry is a huge segment for fashion market. Researches that were made , showed that there are a lot of opportunities for successful collaboration and maximum profit. Since 2016, our company decided to focus on Plus Size Fashion industry.

In order to do that we:

  • created a High Fashion Plus community, an internet portal dedicated to the problems of Plus Size Fashion industry
  • online & offline Market Places for Plus Size Brands
  • created our own brand Ama unique , high end brand designed for curvy ladies

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